Saturday, July 18, 2015

It's My Birthday-Let's Have A GIVEAWAY!

Who loves a birthday?! I do! I definitely love to celebrate the big day {or month}. Hey-a girl has got to try right? Today is all about spending time with my little family. There's nothing I want more. Okay...well maybe there are a few things on my list like goodies to get my TPT fun going even more, a new blender (our current one has to be pounded on the counter to work properly), a digital camera, new pjs, and the latest Jen Hatmaker book.  Honey, are you reading this? Hint, hint.


Well in celebration of my birthday, here's a little fun for you. I'm changing my colors in my room this year and here's the new calendar set I've been slaving over, I mean working on. It's bright and cheery and just makes me smile. I think it will make you smile too.  And in all reality, it will help make your classroom walls drip with language. We need to surround our kiddos with a rich reading environment, and if you have English Language Learners like me, the print and images are even that much more important. Everything we do as teachers is intentional.  So many of us use these calendars to teach math, time management, language arts, and to just keep our heads on straight. Sure-a calendar looks so simple to those popping into our rooms, but the truth is that there is a purpose.behind.everything. we do as educators.

It's a flash freebie for my birthday only. Click on the image to get to my TPT store. All I ask you to do is follow my TPT store. I am just starting out so maybe give me a little love in the comments too. Don't forget your friends. Tag them and tell them about my freebie. Help me start the next year in a big way!

 Bright and Sassy Calendar Set

 Bright and Sassy Calendar Set

Friday, July 17, 2015

About Me

Hey there! I'm Rochelle.  And I teach in beautiful Southern California where the weather is ALWAYS amazing. I am the luckiest gal around-living just minutes from the beach! I will be starting my 15th year of teaching! {Did I just say that?!} I started out teaching 1st grade and enjoyed that for six years. Then I taught 2nd grade for three years, 4th for four years and I just finished my first year in 3rd.  I love that I have taught 1st through 4th. Teaching all of those grades has made me a better teacher because of the people I have worked with and because I now know what comes before my grade and what follows. If you ever get a chance to teach another grade-do it! It's hard for me to respond when people ask me what my favorite grade is because I have loved them all. They all have their rewards and challenges. Can I get an AMEN?!

My little dancer getting ready for her debut.

When I am not busy teaching I am being a mommy to my sweet little two year old daughter. She keeps me busy and just makes life that much more fun. I also like to channel my little Domestic Diva (or think I am) by being crafty, trying new recipes, and engaging in all things Pinterest. My little projects don't always get finished, or turn out right-but I try.

This blog is called the Dance of a Teacher because it's about my dance in this life. It's about me trying to gracefully {or not so gracefully} balance all that God has created me to be. While I am a teacher, mommy, wife, daughter and friend, I am trying to learn what it means to experience His grace in a world full of what looks like perfect people, perfect teachers, perfect mommies and all around perfect lives.  I know he has called me to walk with Him and to be a reflection who He is.  And boy do I get this one wrong a lot! But-the dance is mine to learn. I am continually learning to balance the papers to be graded, phone calls that need to returned, toys that need to be picked up, laundry that needs to be folded, and dishes to be put away. All while remembering that investing in others is what really matters.

So this little blog-it's going to be about all things in my life. I hope you will walk with me as we learn together. This is exciting!  Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back tomorrow because in honor of my new blog and my BIRTHDAY-I'm having a giveaway! It's a surprise. I think you'll LOVE it!